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Sainsbury’s Plain Flour

Plain flour     for making pastry & thickening sauces British Wheat

£ 45

Sainsbury’s Fast Action

Dried Yeast     essential for bread to rise perfectly every time

£ 1

Natco Multigrain Atta

Multigrain Atta 10 natural grains for extra nutrition Rich in protein and fibre Wholegrain goodness No preservatives or artificial additives Suitable for Vegetarians Natco Multigrain Chakki Atta is stone ground from the finest quality whole grains and contains all the natural goodness of the entire seed. Studies show that eating a healthy, balanced diet rich… Continue reading Natco Multigrain Atta Flour 5kg

£ 9

McDougalls Self Raising

Self Raising Flour Pre-Sifted for Lighter Bakes Perfect for cakes, scones and biscuits Baking with love since 1864 The McDougall’s brothers first started milling and sifting over 150 years ago. Since then we’ve helped five generations of bakers to share their passion with the people they love. Win a Dinner Give a Dinner FareShare fighting… Continue reading McDougalls Self Raising Flour 1.1kg

£ 2

Freee Gluten Free

A blend of naturally gluten free flours Home Baking Free from Gluten Kosher – KLBD, Parve A blend of naturally gluten free ingredients, use this flour as an alternative to self raising flour made from wheat. Follow one of our gluten free recipes or adapt a traditional recipe by adding a little extra liquid. I… Continue reading Freee Gluten Free Self Raising White Flour 1kg

£ 2

Elephant Medium Atta

Wheat Flour Great Taste Award 2017 50 years of natural goodness Superior quality, enjoyed daily The original brand of Atta Source of fibre Naturally low in sugar, saturated fat and salt Suitable for vegetarians Elephant Atta Medium Flour perfectly delivers taste, softness and is a source of fibre, producing light and fluffy chapattis. Reducing the… Continue reading Elephant Medium Atta 1.5kg Write a review

East End Premium

The finest stoneground flour made from quality whole wheat for the softest chapattis. For recipe ideas visit: Each serving provides… Fat 1.1g Low, Saturates 0.2g Low, Sugar 3.4g Low, Salt 0.2g Low. Serving Size 100g (Uncooked). SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS. NO ADDITIVES.

£ 11

Doves Farm Organic

Organic Strong White Bread Flour Organic Perfectly milled, organic, white flour ideal for bread making, rolls and sourdoughs Kosher – KLBD, Parve Organic works with nature and helps protect our planet. Its high standards encourage healthy soil and habitats, so bees, birds, butterflies and other wildlife can flourish. That’s why we’ve been pioneers of organic… Continue reading Doves Farm Organic Strong White Flour 1.5kg

£ 3

Allinson White Strong

Strong White Bread Flour. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans Throwers, Kneaders and folders, we know nothing compares to homemade. Prepare your surface, awaken the possibilities and get ready to delight. As you pull your bake out of the oven and the warming aroma travels through your home, you know this bake will be one to… Continue reading Allinson White Strong Bread Flour 3kg

£ 4

Allinson Country Grain

Bread flour with malted wheat flakes, malted wheat flour, malted barley flour, and rye flour. Quality ingredients Better baking every time Suitable for vegetarians and vegans Throwers, kneaders and folders, we know nothing compares to homemade. Prepare your surface, awaken the possibilities and get ready to delight. As you pull your bake out of the… Continue reading Allinson Country Grain Bread Flour 1kg

£ 2